Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial

is today. HLN had a little bit of live stuff, but it appears the network wants to give its own spin rather than letting the people just watch the proceedings.

I don't even know why Arias thinks she has a shot of an acquittal here. It is as big a slam-dunk for the prosecution as any case I have ever seen. She should have entered a plea deal.

If she is convicted in the vicious murder--butcher is more like it--of motivational speaker/salesman Travis Alexander, she could receive the death penalty.

Some supporters of Travis Alexander are live blogging it on Facebook, but I am not aware of a live stream.

I take that back. Here is a live stream from the Arizona Republic:

I am having a little bit of trouble with the sound. It's on the television station's end, not mine. There is also live blogging of the trial by the newspaper.

Update: Now the sound works fairly well. The prosecutor, Juan Martinez, is the same one who convicted Wendi Andriano in the murder of her dying husband. She is on Arizona's death row. Andriano was one of the stupidest murderers in the history of the United States. Martinez is doing an excellent job presenting the case. He knows how to explain it very clearly for the jury, but then it is a very simple, straightforward case.

You can watch the trial at the newspaper's link.

Update at 3:32: Trial over for the day. It will resume at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Witnesses included the patrol officer who was the first on the scene describing the crime scene and the friend of Travis's who he had invited to the trip to Cancun. There was a long discussion with the latter about the Mormon church and what the punishments are for people who "transgress." Apparently that trip to Cancun was entirely an innocent trip; this woman had no romantic interest in Travis but wanted to remain friends with him. She had first met him in the church. She also mentioned he said he had a stalker and she had suggested he get a restraining order against her. When the crime scene pictures were shown on the screen (but not visible to anybody outside the courtroom other than the first picture), Arias broke down crying, but whether she was sincere about those tears only she knows. I think she ought to just call it a day and have her lawyers make a plea deal with Martinez.

Yet another update: Here is an article about today's proceedings and background of the case:

Arias met Alexander at a conference in Las Vegas in 2006. He was an executive in a multi-layer marketing company that sold insurance against legal bills, and she was a new company recruit. He gave motivational speeches at such conferences and not only invited her to the executive table but recruited her into the Mormon religion. Because Arias was living near Palm Springs, they carried on a long-distance romance until Arias became jealous of other women Alexander was seeing and broke up with him. Except she didn’t really break up with him, and though he had other girlfriends, she continued to have sexual relations with him, even moving to Mesa for a while to be near him. According to Martinez, and according to what Alexander told his friends, she slashed his tires and followed him on dates with other women and hacked into his email and bank accounts. Willmott said that Alexander would ask Arias to come to his house to fulfill his sexual needs and that he had convinced her that sodomy was not as sinful as intercourse in the eyes of the church. Willmott displayed a photo of Arias wearing a T-shirt that said simply, “Travis Alexander’s.” Alexander was wooing another woman in the weeks before his death, and he had promised to take the other woman on a company-sponsored trip to Cancun, Mexico, on June 9, 2008.

A whole lot more is at the link.

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