Tuesday, January 08, 2013

John Merrow is Michelle Rhee's Bitch

I didn't bother to watch the tripe tonight on Frontline knowing what a biased "reporter" John Merrow is. He can't be trusted to write or report anything truthful about education and the "reform" movement.

Merrow, not surprisingly, has NEVER been a teacher. He has the usual Ivy League credentials, including a doctorate in education and social policy from Harvard, but his entire "career" in education is as a reporter. He has never taught a day in his life, and his ignorance about what really goes on in the classroom and the power games that go on in the field shows.

I'll leave it to people like Diane Ravitch to actually sit through the swill and report her disappointment in it.

Another well-known ed blogger was disappointed in the piece as well.

In the article I linked in the Etc. post for today, I noted that Merrow in an interview thought the disastrous New Orleans Recovery District was a great move in the right direction. It only proves he has no credibility on education issues. None. Zip.

Louisiana is officially an educational shithole, with Florida right behind it.

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