Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Just Who Is Jodi Arias?

A summary of the case for those not aware of it is here.

Of course she is guilty, but the only reason she is presenting a defense at all is to spare her the death penalty:

All of this, combined with the sheer brutality of the attack, makes it more difficult for a defense attorney to do anything but attempt to spare her the death penalty, experts say.

“Her changing stories, the confession, the forensic evidence, it’s just a very difficult case to defend,” said California criminal defense lawyer Mark Geragos.

Geragos said her only hope is if defense attorneys can convince jurors Alexander was abusive, and that he attacked her on the day he was killed.

“They’re going to need expert witnesses to clean up her mess,” Geragos said. “The biggest problem is, she’s given all these different stories that don’t comport with the facts, and now she’s admitted doing it.”

I don't think she is going to get it anyway because it is clear this was a crime of passion, even if it seemed to have been premeditated. I would say they had a big row over that Cancun trip that afternoon, and then she backed off a bit, shooting pictures of him before pulling a Norman Bates on him.

Jodi Arias was simply pissed off Travis was going to Cancun with somebody else. She felt she was the one who was doing all of the giving in that relationship while Travis did all of the taking. If she couldn't have Travis, nobody else was going to have him, either.

What is interesting is Arias had a long-term relationship of some four years before she met Alexander. There was nothing out of the ordinary about this relationship; it was a normal relationship by all accounts.

Travis Alexander may have meant a meal ticket for Arias. He was a success at his job, and the chances of him making really huge bucks were great. Arias was struggling to make a living at various things, including a budding photography business and working as a bartender. Travis was too good for his own good.

Dan Abrams tries to explain the actions of killer Jodi Arias, now on trial for butchering ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in a jealous rage:

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