Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nevada Teachers are Big-Time Screwed

With somebody who is completely hostile to public education as state superintendent of instruction, teachers in Nevada had better have a Plan B about what they are going to do after they are fired from WCSD and other Nevada districts when Guthrie, Martinez, and the rest decide you are too expensive to keep. Remember, this is all about saving money on salaries and pensions; these people couldn't care less about quality teachers. Given the low quality of the principals and those principals' lack of accountability for their own actions, teachers over 50 or who make over 50k a year are doomed.

The person who is in charge of the teacher incentive fund grant is a failed principal who should have been fired back in 2008 for her negligence and incompetence. Instead, she still gets to make six figures and pads her pension at my expense.

This guy hates teachers' guts:

Q: Is an evaluation system, based on test results, needed in Nevada?

A: It is badly needed. There are approximately 23,000 teachers in Nevada. I’m going to guess 2,000 or 2,500 are very good. I don’t know the exact number. Some number is quite ineffective. I don’t know how many or who they are. In any rational system, we would take our most effective teachers and put them where we need them the most.

But right now, we don’t know who they are.

So this will enable us to put our resources where they’re most needed. We will let the teachers know where their deficiencies are. Mrs. Jones can’t teach fractions, this will show it, and we can help her teach fractions.

In time, and not soon, it will enable us to create a career ladder for our teachers so you can remain a classroom teacher and be paid a good salary and take care of your family. And a good salary for an effective teacher should be just as much as the principal in the school.

I want to stop the perverse dysfunctional incentive system that says to earn a good living, you have to be an administrator.

I don’t want to hurt administrators, but I want to help effective classroom teachers stay in the classroom.

So let's see: 90 percent of teachers are shitty, so let's get rid of them. Let's make it easier for principals to treat them further like shit than they already are.

What a corrupt asshole. Merit pay plans do not work anywhere they have been tried.

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