Monday, January 28, 2013

No, They Aren't Businesses

Good piece about a one-time "reformer" who got schooled by a teacher:

At the end of his remarks, the school superintendent reminded him that he was to end with questions and answers. As soon as he called for questions, the English teacher raised her hand and asked, "Mr. Vollmer, if you are standing on your company's receiving dock and you discover a shipment of blueberries that do not meet your standards, what do you do?"

"I send them back," replied Vollmer.

At that, the teacher jumped to her feet and told him, "We can never send back the blueberries our suppliers send us. We take them big, small, rich, poor, hungry, abused, confident, curious, homeless, frightened, rude, creative, violent and brilliant. We take them with head lice, ADHD and advanced asthma."

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