Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Tour de Fraud

In this piece, Lance Armstrong needs to face a roomful of reporters answering tough questions rather than go the "soft" route of appearing on Oprah.

I think no matter what happens, he is cooked. Right now he is trying to rehabilitate his image, but he has long since reached pariah status.

The immediate reaction: Could this guy possibly handle things any worse? Is there not one person in his collection of advisors, lawyers and public relations people who could have made him understand what a mistake it was to take his story to Oprah's confessional? Will he try to win back our affection by jumping on a couch as Tom Cruise did while proclaiming his love for Katie Holmes? Does he expect that hand-wringing and tissue-dabbing will make all the bad stuff go away?

There is a portion of the populace that will swallow the bait. Always is. But most will see through this, will understand that, at a time when transparency was needed, Armstrong's method was totally transparent.

See this for what it is. This is not about the truth. It's about TV ratings. It is a branding and marketing bonanza for Oprah. For Armstrong, the big question is: After decades of being dirty, this is how you come clean?

The point is you never do come clean. Now it's time for the lawyers to clean up what is left of Lance's fortune.

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