Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Working Conditions Are Horrible and Getting Worse

It has been a long time since teachers were regarded as anything close to professionals, but thanks to "Democrats" pushing education "reform," the working conditions have gone right down the toilet.

That story could have been about me, but I was forced out illegally and didn't have the option to just leave.

That's the thing about purges. I'm sure life is easier now that no one speaks up about anything...ever. If you went to the community principal retention forum, you'd think this was the best principal on the face of the earth. Nothing but glowing praise, especially from her teachers. Glowing praise for the world to hear while parents and some staff members cried silently in the shadows.

And I understand why those (primarily) teachers worked so hard to kiss some serious principal ass. That is how things work, and this principal made it more than clear that if you disagree with her, you will be punished. Nevermind if you are a phenomenal teacher, nevermind if you have legitimate disagreements, nevermind if you have tenure and have a proven track record of excellence. The only way disagreements are resolved in CPS is to punish and fire.

Now, I realize not every school and not every principal is as cruel, vindictive, or plays favorites the same way as the two principals I mention here. But far too many are this way. I don't know if the system seeks these terrible people out and rewards them with power or if it takes decent people and twists them into these monsters, but either way the result is the same.

The system seeks out terrible people as administrators or the terrible people seek out the positions of power when it is clear they can't cut it in the classroom. Political connections are all important--not qualifications or competence. My last two principals included a sociopath who had moronic tendencies (he was demoted for sexual misconduct with a subordinate some four years after I left) and a moron with sociopathic tendencies (the idiot who illegally fired me nearly five years ago and was moved first to another principal job as punishment for her own misconduct and eventually moved into the central office at a desk job). Both should have been fired outright but were not. This is the rule in public school districts around the country. It is extremely rare for principals to be fired outright.

I still have deep scars over this experience nearly five years later. Having your livelihood stolen by a gang of crooks almost completely destroys you. It's worse when there are really no jobs of consequence in this economy and nobody will hire you full-time because of your age.

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