Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Washoe County School District Gossip

It looks like Andrew Stansberry has been officially fired at WCSD or took a resignation package in lieu of a dismissal. Rick Harris, who was the chief operating officer and filled the principal job temporarily while Stansberry was going through the administrative process of being fired, is now officially principal at Moss Elementary. His old cabinet-level job is now posted on WCSD employment page, as is the job of the current chief financial officer, James Masias. A legal counsel position had also been open until a few days ago.

To my knowledge, Andrew Stansberry was the first principal ever to be fired outright by WCSD, provided he didn't take a settlement.

As noted on this blog, Stansberry was convicted of embezzling nearly $27,000 from an administrator association fund when he worked as a principal in Michigan. He was convicted early last year, but he didn't notify Washoe County School District of this conviction. That is grounds for termination and revocation of an educator's license.



Some more gossip re WCSD: A new federal lawsuit has been filed against the district because a one-year-only teacher found she was blackballed from working in any other job with the district, this despite the fact the collective bargaining agreement has nothing about the ability of the school district to effectively blackball teachers on temporary contracts, and neither do the district's rules and regulations. They just make up shit as they go along, as I know only too well. Of course the teacher will have to move, most likely out of state, since she is a "no rehire." That is, unless she is allowed to apply for future positions. Even if she is allowed, she won't get hired in that district ever again for anything other than substitute teaching. This lawsuit won't force the district to rehire her, just allow her to apply for future positions.

This teacher, by the way, was a resource teacher (like I was) at my old school of Sun Valley Elementary School, but the principal is a different one from the moron who "dismissed" me completely illegally in 2008. This principal was her replacement when the moron was involuntarily transferred for having screwed up my case and ultimately moved to the central office to be in charge of the TIF grant, which is a complete and total joke. I don't know any of the parties named in the suit.

Here are the facts of the case:

8. Plaintiff is a two-year teacher of Special Education, formerly employed by
Defendant WCSD.
9. Plaintiff holds a valid teachers license with the State of Nevada.
10. Plaintiff was hired by Defendant WCSD for the 2010-2011 school year to
teach Special Education on a “one year only “ contract.
11. Plaintiff was hired for a second year with Defendant WCSD to again teach
special education at Sun Valley Elementary School.
12. Defendant Van Dusan was the principal at Sun Valley Elementary School
where Plaintiff was working as a special education teacher and responsible for
conducting Plaintiff’s evaluations according to Nevada law.
13. On December 1, 2011, Plaintiff’s evaluation was “effective.”
14. On February 1, 2012, Plaintiff’s evaluation was “minimally effective.”
15. On April 1, 2012, Plaintiff’s evaluation was “effective.”
16. In June 2012, Plaintiff’s one-year contract with Defendant WCSD was not
renewed due to allegations of a minimally-effective evaluation.
17. After Plaintiff’s contract was not renewed, Plaintiff was informed by
Defendants that she was now also banned from teaching or applying for a teaching job
for at least one year.
18. Defendant WCSD is the only school district in Washoe County.
19. If Plaintiff wants to teach in a public school district, she would now have
to leave the county or the state.
20. There are no statutes, rules, or regulations allowing Defendant WCSD to
hire teachers on one-year only contract or repetitive one-year only contracts.
21. There are no statutes, rules, or regulations providing for any ban on a
former employee applying for a position with Defendant WCSD after a teacher’s
contract has not been renewed.

The teacher is seeking the usual remedies. Of course the district will settle and she will be allowed to apply for future openings. She just won't get any future jobs. It's all for nothing, basically, unless she substitutes for the rest of her life.

A search over at USA People Search shows she is 50 years old. That explains everything. The district is infamous for its hatred of older employees who aren't part of the "in-crowd."

If you want to read the very brief complaint--8 pages--you can go to this page. Registration is required to read the documents. A fee is charged if you run up more than 15 bucks a quarter.

Just so people know, the plaintiff's attorney was shitcanned from WCSD himself, and he lost his appeal in the civil court system.

I once sent info about my case to him, but he never responded back. Typical of lawyers there. Those with the best cases are usually screwed over.

By the way, at my brother's urging, I am going to see if at this late date I can still file a complaint against that worthless union, Washoe Education Association, for failing to inform me of my rights to file complaints through EEOC and the Department of Labor. He seems to think I can still do it. He used to work at United Grocers both as an employee and in management, so he has dealt with unions and personnel issues. He said I need to contact EEOC.


Sonja Contreras said...


I'm a commentor at jaii who also lives in reno and am "blackballed" out of a job by the lovely WCSD even though I did what they suggested to get back in which is work for two years at another teaching job. My situation is unique and I would like to run it by you.I can be reached at the email below.


Susan said...

What I want to know is how you CAN get work at WCSD if you are a "no rehire" and can't get work in another teaching job as a result?

The same garbage is going on in Denver Public Schools.

I am not sure I am a "no rehire" after five-and-a-half years, but I better not be screwed after all of these years of impoverishment.