Friday, February 22, 2013

Arias Replay Day 21

Jodi Arias held her own against the onslaught by prosecutor Juan Martinez; however, there are obviously inconsistencies in her account, which he tried to point out. He, unsuccessfully in my view, tried to paint her as a stalker by recounting her observing Travis with another woman and with her behavior when she found out one of her boyfriends had cheated on her. He tried to raise doubts about her finger injury, but that wasn't successful. Ditto for her diary entries. Most worrisome are those magazines he introduced that had "code messages" in them for another inmate or for somebody on the outside. This cried out "jailhouse snitch" and probably has set the stage for a rebuttal witness if Jodi is less than forthcoming about why she tried to manipulate another witness into lying for her or even set the stage for cross-examining another defense witness. Her mouth, as we all know, has been her downfall. We all know she has lied in the past, and if she lied under oath about when she changed her defense into a self-defense account, this would further undermine her. Of course, she could lie about every single thing and that would STILL not prove premeditation.

There is no argument about her guilt, only the degree of it. Juan Martinez has yet to show this horrible murder of Travis Alexander was premeditated, and I say it is impossible to prove at this point. Now if Jodi were that stupid she would have confided to somebody in jail that she premeditated the murder of Travis, then she is cooked. She should know that once you are arrested, you not only have the right to remain silent, you have DUTY to remain so. You NEVER confide in fellow inmates, and you don't talk on the phone with family about your case, as that is recorded. You don't try to reach potential witnesses on the outside, which she may have tried here, since the chances of being caught are astronomically high. If you are accused of a crime, talk ONLY to your attorney or attorneys about your case.

Many people have been sentenced to life without parole or even death because of a jailhouse snitch. Look at Perry March or Mark Winger, both of whom were already convicted of murdering their wives or were in the process of being tried for the murders, but they compounded their crimes by trying to enlist fellow inmates to kill people on the outside. Stupid, stupid, stupid. There was also the case of Marjorie Orbin, who ended up with a life sentence without parole and who had as one of the prosecution's witnesses a fellow inmate who testified Orbin told her she had shot, killed, frozen, and then dismembered her husband Jay Orbin. This jailhouse witness didn't receive any reduced sentence, either. She was just appalled over what she heard.

A jailhouse snitch doesn't even have to render a defendant cooked. Even a phone call on the outside to family will do it. Case in point is Dana Chandler. As you recall from that case, which I wrote about extensively on this blog, the prosecution had very little forensic evidence but a ton of circumstantial evidence. Chandler would likely have been convicted regardless. However, it was her phone call to her sister expressing her relief that a prosecution witness had died truly sealed the deal. If she had been innocent of killing her ex-husband and his fiancee, she would not have said anything about it because the witness could have actually helped her side. But Dana, like Jodi, shot off her big mouth.

Here is the replay of yesterday's trial testimony:

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