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Jodi Arias Trial: Day 17

Updated 12:15 PST: Court is back in session. "The tape," a sex tape between Travis and Jodi, is being played in court.

Well, the Cancun theory has just been blown out of the water. She knew about it, and she wasn't a bit jealous about it, according to the tape. The two planned on the Oregon trip after Cancun. He referred to her as his "girlfriend" and how "good" she was, and so on.

I don't know why Jodi recorded the tape, but Travis's family already heard it and didn't object to it being included for the jury to hear.

It doesn't sound like she stalked him; it sounds like he welcomed her. She probably got upset this morning because she knew her parents and other family members--not to mention the world--would hear this "pillow talk."

It's actually pretty disgusting to listen to it. No wonder the prosecution didn't want this played at trial. It undermines a lot of its theory as to motive and the relationship between the two. Hell, I believed a lot of it.

It looks like it would be a wash. It sounds like she was a willing participant in this relationship, yet it undermines the prosecution's idea she was a stalker, killed him in a jealous rage, and so forth. It's agonizing to listen to this, which is supposed to be an hour long.

Judging from Travis's family's reaction, it's very painful to hear that.

Some tweets from the Arizona Republic site:

1:17 PMMichael Kiefer @michaelbkieferThis tape between Arias and Alexander was recorded just weeks before the murder. It's eerie how fond of each other they sound as they talk.

1:15 PMMichael Kiefer @michaelbkieferAlexander and Arias are now talking about their favorite super hero movies.

1:14 PMMichael Kiefer @michaelbkieferNow Alexander and Arias are having a conversation that could be an ad for KY. More reminiscences about their sex life.

1:14 PMChristina Leonard @caleonard@michaelbkiefer Even in the newsroom, it's a little too much! Everyone had to turn their speakers down ...

1:05 PMChris Williams @chriswnewsfor those of you keeping score at home: #JodiArias 2 Travis Alexander 1. dirty talk may subside, who knows. stay tuned. #Arias

1:04 PMMichael Kiefer @michaelbkieferErnest Hemingway would have said, "The Earth moved."

1:03 PMMichael Kiefer @michaelbkieferTune in to live stream. I can't write this.

12:57 PMChris Williams @chriswnewsRT @michaelbkiefer: i may need to go smoke a cigarette.

12:56 PMChris Williams @chriswnewsTravis Alexander compares #JodiArias orgasm to a 12 year old girl. A quote #Arias def pointed to in opening.

12:55 PMMichael Kiefer @michaelbkieferi may need to go smoke a cigarette.

12:55 PMMichael Kiefer @michaelbkieferRT @12News: #JodiArias continues. Follow @michaelbkiefer @chriswnews for live updates. Warning: Explicit content on live stream: http:// ...

12:54 PMChris Williams @chriswnews#JodiArias now has hand over her face as sex talk increases in detail. #Arias may be sitting there a while. 30 min into 1hr recording

12:53 PMMichael Kiefer @michaelbkieferBoth of them are very graphic, but it substantiates some of Arias' earlier testimony about her sex life with Alexander.

12:52 PMChris Williams @chriswnews#JodiArias calls acts "cool" that her def insuated were demeaning just yesterday. Travis Alexander is describing them to #Arias on recording

12:50 PMMichael Kiefer @michaelbkieferArias admits she is touching herself, wants to be touching him. Alexander is talking about masturbation. She tells him she wants him there

12:49 PMMichael Kiefer @michaelbkieferArias on one sex day: "Seriously, you made me feel like a goddess."

12:48 PMMichael Kiefer @michaelbkieferAlexander: "I love your braids." Arias: "Yeah, they're hot." Remember the nude photo of her with hair in braids from the day of the murder.

12:47 PMChris Williams @chriswnewsThrough the fantasy talk #JodiArias is coy, playing along. #Arias says she likes talk that her defense has pointed to in their opening

12:47 PMMichael Kiefer @michaelbkieferAlexander is talking dirty. Can't repeat it all. She is giggling. But her memories are more romantic.

12:46 PMChris Williams @chriswnewsout of nowhere Travis describes fantasy #JodiArias def talked about in opening. It involves #Arias, a tree, zip ties & a sex act.

1:30 PST: Tape is done, thank God. Now court is in a twenty-minute recess.

Travis's family did very well keeping their emotions in check. They need to do this for the remainder of the trial. Edit: They didn't do this. It was back to the eye roll for Samantha Alexander.

3:30 PST: Trial adjourned until 11:00 tomorrow. Frankly, Jodi's testimony was a bit anti-climatic, as it were, after that tape. Her attorney had her clarify things in the tape, talk about more instances where Travis was abusive or treating her mean, and the day capped off with a description of how her finances were shot, and how she blew up the car she got from Travis when she was leaving Mesa. He told her everything she touched turned to shit.


Update: At 10:25 PST, the court adjourned until 1 p.m. MST (noon here). The court was in chambers, and it appears Jodi was extremely upset; I have heard that others in the courtroom were also upset. Speculation is running rampant as to what is going on, but we won't know until the court resumes this afternoon.

Edit April 24, 2013: This is the sequence with the tape. Previously I had a YouTube link, but somebody thought they owned the copyright to it and wouldn't allow it to be embedded:

Testimony will resume at 10:30 Mountain Standard Time. Jodi Arias left off yesterday describing her broken finger and how she got it in an altercation with Travis Alexander after telling him she was going back to California. As you may recall, Alexander was furious at Jodi for not being able to loan him more money. He was going through a lean patch, which doesn't surprise me when one is working for one of these pyramid-style sales schemes. He wasn't that big of an income earner anyway, making under 100 grand a year. He wasn't starving, but he wasn't any kind of millionaire or remotely close to it. After all, he had to resort to having roommates to help with expenses.

Unlike Nancy Grace and her ilk, I think that Jodi so far is telling the truth about the relationship. Even Travis's friends alluded to his despicable behavior with regard to Jodi, but of course friends are not going to be privy to the more private details. My feeling is she couldn't possibly make this stuff up; there are just too many details, not to mention she still has some affection for the jerk.

The biggest hurdle is how she reconciles her current testimony with her previous statements which have turned out to be false. Of course those weren't given under oath, but the prosecution is going to find every conceivable hole to poke into her account.

Trial can be viewed at the Arizona Republic website, among live streams or can be viewed here on the blog:

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