Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Day 19

Defendant Arias will continue her direct testimony today. Presumably this will cover the day of the murder and the aftermath, but the trial has been going along at a snail's pace.

So far she is doing well on the stand, but who knows how she will be today, assuming she has to describe the murder?

Live coverage of the trial should begin at around 10:30 Mountain Standard Time.

Trial started on time for a change. It resumed with more testimony regarding text messages between Jodi and Travis. Once again, Travis in these messages comes across as a total jerk. In one of the texts, he was pissed off she forgot a drawing he did for her and projected all of his flaws onto her. Me, me, me...It's all about him.

Jodi Arias did note that other texts (which no doubt the prosecution will bring up) he appears to be very nice and sweet.

Travis was the classic narcissist and abuser. He'd go off on her about some minor thing, and then he'd be all nice and apologize, just as he did with these texts.

3:30 PST: Trial has ended for the day. It will resume tomorrow at 10:30 MST. Nurmi has left off with the part of Travis now getting ready to get some pictures taken of him in the shower because he was proud of his new body, having lost quite a bit of weight. He wanted to have some pictures to show his new bod off for the Cancun trip and show them to his friends, according to Jodi Arias.

The knife appears to be accounted for. Jodi mentioned he cut the rope he used to tie her up with in their sex game earlier the day of the murder with a knife. He got that knife from his knife block. The gun has yet to be mentioned. Jodi testified she brought no gun and no knife with her the days prior to the murder. She visited several friends along the way before planning to go to Utah to meet Ryan Burns. However, Travis called her wanting her to visit him, hence the detour. The two gas cans she borrowed from a previous boyfriend were so she would save money on gas and also to have as backup when she planned to drive through Nevada on the way to Utah before being diverted to Mesa.

So far she is doing well, but tomorrow will be tough. Her lawyer, Kirk Nurmi, is doing a very good job walking her through the whole thing. The real test, of course, will be through cross-examination. However, much of the prosecution's case has been blown apart so far.

We will find out what provoked the murder, but a couple of theories I have kicking around are that either Travis was afraid his double life would be exposed or else he was jealous over Ryan. So far nothing has supported my theories, but we will soon find out.

Trial can be viewed at the Arizona Republic website, among live streams or can be viewed here on the blog:

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