Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Once Over 50, You're as Good as Dead Professionally

I don't need to read an article stating the obvious about discrimination.

In my case I don't know what the Nevada public employee-management relationship board will say about my letter I sent them. If I don't get a reply within two weeks, I will send it again, only it will be a certified letter. I do better with written requests rather than over the phone. It could be too many years have passed for me to go after Washoe Education Association, but it's still worth a try anyway.

Age discrimination is notoriously difficult to prove unless it is a widespread employer policy:

Older workers also have the longest bouts of unemployment. The average duration of unemployment for workers ages 55 to 64 was 11 months as recently as January, according to the Labor Department. That's three months longer than the average for 25- to 36-year-olds.

Given these circumstances, many workers can't help but think age discrimination is a factor. AARP's Public Policy Institute surveyed unemployed baby boomers in 2010 and 2011. While 71% blamed their unemployment on the bad economy, almost half also said they believed age discrimination was also at play.

About 23,000 age discrimination complaints were filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in fiscal 2012, 20% more than in 2007.
Proving discrimination is next to impossible, though, unless it's blatant.

In my case, it wasn't just the age or the violations of FMLA. It was the fact the asshole in HR wanted to steal my pension. He didn't think I was vested at all, but I was.

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