Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Neoliberal Sellout

It doesn't matter neoliberal or libertarian "ideas" about privatizing public services don't work--this son of a bitch we have in the Whtie House still persists in peddling this crap.

He's well on his way to being the absolute worst president we have ever had in this country. He's totally owned by Wall Street.

He promised to curtail corporate profits, but his vision for a new, “high-tech” America seemed to entail turning everything from our highways to our public schools into corporate-owned, public-private partnerships.

Missed that part of the speech? Let’s take a closer look at his lofty language.

“Now at schools like P-TECH in Brooklyn, a collaboration between New York public schools and City University of New York and IBM, students will graduate with a high school diploma and an associate's degree in computers or engineering. We need to give every American student opportunities like this,” he said.

“Tonight, I'm announcing a new challenge, to redesign America's high schools so they better equip graduates for the demands of a high-tech economy. And we'll reward schools that develop new partnerships with colleges and employers, and create classes that focus on science, technology, engineering and math, the skills today's employers are looking for to fill the jobs that are there right now and will be there in the future.”

In other words, let’s stop teaching to the standardized test--let’s teach straight to IBM’s computer repair manual.

He is a stupid, corrupt, destructive son of a bitch.

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