Saturday, March 16, 2013


Of local, meaning southern Oregon, interest is the mess at what used to be the Prospect School District which was converted to a charter school system some years ago. A principal is resigning, as well as a teacher.

The superintendent himself is under investigation by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.


School officials, parents and teachers have been distressed over cyberbullying among students, in which vicious texts are sent via social media, Alexander said. Most have been about boyfriend problems, he said.

Parents say some of the bullying came from Pettit herself, whose leadership style has been called "abrasive," particularly toward female students.

The resignations of Pettit and Garner follow on the heels of a teacher resigning and another taking early retirement in January.

Alexander said he couldn't comment on a report he filed with the TSPC listing his complaints against Pettit.

Alexander himself is the subject of an ongoing investigation into complaints filed with the TSPC on Feb. 12, 2012.

As one parent noted, the school should be shut down.

The charter system should be closed and Prospect be consolidated with Butte Falls S.D.

Since there is NO teacher shortage, there is NO reason whatsoever for Teach for America to exist.

The way it is being implemented, it is nothing but a racist, classist organization depriving entire student populations of their right to have experience, fully credentialed teachers.

Original piece is here.

TFA teachers are NOT "slightly" better than traditionally trained teachers--they are WORSE because they are totally unprepared.

Furthermore, school districts will not suffer AT ALL if TFA and other outfits like them no longer existed; there is still a huge glut of teachers out there from which to choose.

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