Friday, March 01, 2013

More About Obama's Continual Sellout of the American People

This piece is from Robert Reich. Don't even try and persuade me that Obama isn't trying to force a right-wing ideology on America while trying to lay the blame on the Tea Party types:

What is the President’s response? He still wants a so-called “grand bargain” of “balanced” spending cuts (including cuts in the projected growth of Social Security and Medicare) combined with tax increases on the wealthy. So far, though, he has agreed to a gross imbalance — $1.5 trillion in cuts to Republicans’ $600 billion in tax increases on the rich.

The President apparently believes Republicans are serious about deficit reduction, when in fact the Tea Partiers now running the GOP are serious only about dismembering the government.

And he seems to accept that the budget deficit is the largest economic problem facing the nation, when in reality the largest problem is continuing high unemployment (some 20 million Americans unemployed or under-employed), declining real wages, and widening inequality. Deficit reduction now or in the near-term will only make these worse.

Obama believes in dismembering government, too, so don't kid yourself on that, Bob. His blathering about "public-private partnerships" was a key to his real beliefs. Just take a look at his disastrous education policies for proof.

Obama is a stupid, narcissistic shit bought and paid for by the same types who control the Republicans. The LAST thing we need is somebody in the White House who has an inflated sense of his place in history.

I am sure he is STILL consulting with historians to see how he fares against other presidents in the history of the United States. By "presidents" I mean Washington, Lincoln, and his idol Ronald Reagan rather than presidents he most resembles like Buchanan, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, and Bush II.

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