Friday, March 22, 2013

Note to Robert Reich: Obama Doesn't Care

All Obama cares about is his place in history, and he will destroy the legacy of the Democratic Party in order to do it.

My utter hatred and contempt for Obama in terms of his policies knows no bounds. Just when you think he scrapes bottom, he does some other outrage to outdo himself.

He really is the worst president in American history, bar none.


For over thirty years Republicans have pitted the middle class against the poor, preying on the frustrations and racial biases of average working people who can’t get ahead no matter how hard they try. In the Republican narrative, government takes from the hard-working middle and gives to the undeserving and dependent needy.

In reality, average working people have been stymied because almost all the economic gains of the last three decades have gone to the very top. The middle has lost bargaining power as unions have shriveled. American politics has been flooded with campaign contributions from corporations and the wealthy, which have used their clout to reduce marginal tax rates, widen loopholes, loosen regulations, gain subsidies, and obtain government bailouts when their bets turn sour.

Obama hasn't done shit, and WON'T do shit, about this situation because he is really one of them.

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