Friday, March 08, 2013

The Barack Obama of the Teacher Unions

Of course, I am referring to AFT head Randi Weingarten, an attorney by trade and not a teacher, who decided to create a publicity stunt by getting herself arrested in Philly yesterday.

Philadelphia schools are under attack by the Broadie sup William Hite, and closings are planned.

Weingarten was released from custody.

She attempts to take the high road by calling the closures "immoral." They ARE immoral, but Randi is right in bed with the very forces who are out to destroy American public education.

Just as Cory Booker was used by the far-right Bradley Foundation to infiltrate the African American community by pushing charter schools (which further segregate education), so too is Randi Weingarten being used by the "reformers" to infiltrate a major union in the country to destroy it from within.

I just don't understand how she hasn't been run out of the AFT.

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