Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Republican in Democratic Clothing

Who else?

This asshole waged war on the Great Society and the New Deal even before he was inaugurated. Believe me, I remember it.

To Obama, his plan to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, while funding the Wall Street bailout, was an act of political courage. (In his interview with the Washington Post, he “pledged to expend political capital on the issue.”) It was his long-term plan, even though the polls showed widespread opposition to it. This was a matter not of expediency, but of conscience, for him: He needed to find some way to fund both the ongoing Wall Street bailouts, and the massive federal debt that would be caused by the 2008 Wall Street crash and its resulting plunge in federal tax collections. This “balanced approach,” of tax hikes and spending cuts, would be his solution to both problems.

Is there any doubt who this fucker's constituency really is? Does Robert Rubin ring a bell? Does Bill Gates? Does Eli Broad? Does Lloyd Blankfein? Does Peter J. Peterson?

A worse president I have yet to see, and all in the name of "Democratic Party principles."

He has single-handedly killed the Democratic Party brand for decades.

Remember who he admired as a "transformative" president?

He fancies himself as some deep thinker, but he has a piece of shit for a brain.

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