Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Surefire 10-Cent Bet

So far, one local media organization in Reno, specifically television station KRNV, has NOT made good on its promise to follow up on the story of the Lemmon Valley Elementary School principal who was placed on administrative leave in February. This despite the fact a staff member at the station emailed me personally the station would be following up on the story "next week." That email was written back on March 23, almost three weeks ago.

Here is the text of the email:

Thank you for writing. We have the court documents and will be reporting on them next week. I believe one of the biggest reasons for the district's silence is the laws that you mentioned. The problem is that when pressed to specifically site [sic] the laws, they can't. That is because these laws do not exist. The school district has only sited [sic] two court cases to us for justification of their actions, in both of those cases the governmental agency lost and was forced to turn over all documents requested. The actions of Kara White are important, but the secrecy of the WCSD is even more important than the actions of a single person.

Despite this bold promise, nothing. It appears that that the station asked the district to comment on the court case, and they told the station to back off. Apparently the reporter who reported the story is either on vacation or has been sacked from the television station.

Ten cents says there will NEVER be a followup story by not only KRNV, but also the Reno Gazette-Journal, which first reported the administrative leave. The person who wrote the story for the paper just "happens" to be a Facebook friend of the wayward principal.

Stay tuned for any further developments.

By the way, there was not a word of it mentioned in this "live chat" with WCSD sup Pedro Martinez.

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