Sunday, April 21, 2013

An Anniversary to Note

Today marks five years since the last day I ever worked full time ever again. Today marks the day those assholes at WCSD fired me illegally so that I would never work full-time ever again, or even regular part-time ever again, in any kind of job, in any kind of field.

It was five years ago today that the "union," Washoe Education Association, deliberately neglected to tell me about filing a complaint with the EEOC. Five years ago the "union's" head decided to take a quid pro quo job offered by the head of human resources as a way for her not to be a witness for me at my sham "due process" hearing.

Five long years and I cannot get back on my feet financially. Five long years when this economy went into the shitter and has never recovered.

People like me are literally "aged out" of the workforce. Now I expect my student loan will go into default unless I can talk to them.

I can't begin to even HOPE to get back on my feet for at least another three years when I can get Social Security and then perhaps be able to make enough at substitute teaching so I can get my own place and pay back Sallie Mae.

Right now it is impossible. There is no money to go back to school, no money to set up a business, no money for anything. I have to nickel and dime EVERYTHING.

Meanwhile, the cunt (only the vilest of words is reserved for the vilest of people) who stuck the "recommendation for dismissal" under my nose five years ago has a cushy little job in the central office at WCSD being in charge of the "teacher incentive fund" which is a federal program designed to help railroad teachers deemed "too expensive" from their jobs by creating evaluation schemes rigged against teachers. This was the asshole who completely failed to follow district protocol in my case, yet she is supposed to be in charge of evaluations! That was former sup Heath Morrison's sick sense of humor in action, just as his sick sense of humor was responsible for the human resources chief officer to be demoted to supervisor of janitorial or that my former Sparks Middle School principal was demoted to teacher at Reed High, a school which suffered from sex-related scandals involving teachers and students (though the SMS ex-principal didn't diddle with kids, he was screwing with subordinates and had a long, long history of doing it on and off school campuses).

If I had had some employment opportunities, I could move past this nightmare, but it continues to affect my life all these years later. I am not alone in this; many people in my age bracket are finding out they are being "retired" LONG before they are capable of doing so.

The piece of shit who used to be principal at Sun Valley, later Whitehead, now TIF grant coordinator,has hardly suffered at all for her misconduct, while I am having to pay every fucking day of my life for her treachery.

Life isn't fair. It isn't right. She and the others responsible should have been fired years ago.

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