Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Because, Bob, We Have the Worst President on Record

The economy continues to be in the shitter, and it is all by design. One can't continue to blame Bush II the for the problems--the economy is all Obama's baby now, and he has no intention of doing one damned thing about it.

We have a depression here for all intents and purposes--NOT a recovery. Obama is doing the job his masters like Robert Rubin always wanted him to do.

You don't have to subscribe to conspiracies to know his run for the presidency was a "plot" right out of the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate. He was never vetted by the media yet pushed 24/7. He was yammering right-wing talking points about cutting entitlements and privatizing public education while running for president and singing the praises of Ronald Reagan, just for starters, but few people saw the warning signs. He had no real national political experience to speak of--his term in the U.S. Senate wasn't anything notable, and his 2004 Democratic convention keynote address wasn't anything to write home about--yet he was being peddled as the next Lincoln, FDR, JFK, MLK all wrapped in one package.

I tried to warn people on this blog and elsewhere this guy was little more than a ringer, a fraud, but nobody listened.

Now the question remains WHO initially bankrolled his candidacy. I don't think it was just the Chicago machine or EVEN the Chicago machine. Somebody selected him for the purpose of destroying the Democratic Party from within. I mean, this is outright destruction of the party, not little chipping away at the edges like Clinton and others. The fact he is African American effectively neutralizes any opposition from that constituency despite his policies doing nothing but HARM to that constituency. The fact he has a "D" after his name effectively neutralizes opposition within his own party for his brazenly right-wing policies (the most right-wing in American history).

SOMEBODY was behind this. Rubin I think is one likely suspect, but there have to be others.

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