Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dance of the Lemons, WCSD Style

It appears WCSD sup Pedro Martinez is putting a lot of pressure on the district's current principals to try and get those silly school rankings "up" by shuffling many of them around and probably giving those who are displaced make-work jobs in the district office if they can't retire:

The 10 elementary schools and one high school under the plan received one and two stars on the performance framework the district released earlier this year.

Schools and principals in the acceleration zone include Anderson, Booth, Corbett, Duncan, Loder, Mathews, Stead, Sun Valley, Veterans, Warner and Sparks High School.

New principals have been named at Anderson, Corbett, Mathews, Sun Valley, Warner and Sparks High School. The remaining five will keep current principals.

Principals from Taylor, Maxwell, Allen, Spanish Springs, Towels and Sparks Middle School will take over at six of the schools in the new improvement plan.

Of course, the schools can't improve on the scores because of factors that go way beyond the school, namely poverty and transience.

There will be tremendous pressure on teachers to "perform." I don't doubt cheating will be done.

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