Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Despite Being Discredit by Scandal,

Michelle Rhee is still flitting around from legislature to legislature trying to pull her anti-public education scam on people. She is trying to get a "parent trigger" law enacted all the while she has a likely prison term hanging over her head thanks to the D.C. testing scandal which occurred on her watch.

I know the term "sociopath" gets thrown around a lot, but I truly believe Michelle Rhee IS one. There is no hint of a conscience or of appropriate boundaries.

Rhee bragged about duct taping students--a firing and license revocation offense--when she was a "teacher." She allowed filming of her firing a principal, which was shown on national television. She's outright lied on her resume about her "achievements" as a "teacher" (she was a TFA, hence the quotation marks around the word "teacher"). In interviews she comes across as somebody totally soulless.

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