Monday, April 29, 2013

Forgotten But Not Gone

While James W. Guthrie may have been "pressured" to quit his job as Nevada's first appointed state superintendent of instruction, he didn't keep his mouth shut about what he proposed as "reforms" in education.

He appears he is writing propaganda for the far right, Nevada-based Nevada Policy Research Institute.

Fat chance administrators would EVER allow teachers to make more money than they do. It would simply worsen the problems with favoritism and principal abuse of power which are rampant in education:

Guthrie said Nevada needs bold and audacious ideas.

“These little myopic changes aren’t going to do anything,” he said. “How in the world is a little reduction in class size going to make a difference?”

His paper proposed that the state use Gov. Sandoval’s proposed $200 million in each of the upcoming biennial years for roll ups and the $160 million a year in funds for smaller elementary school classes to identify and pay the state’s most outstanding teachers.

The "outstanding" teachers are the ones who are the best asskissers to the principals.

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