Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I See Red

I see it every single time when I read some stupid article whining about the imaginary problems of the children of a very tiny financial and political elite in this country who attend the hoity-toity boarding schools (which ought to be outlawed, by the way, as a form of child abuse) and want me to feel sorry for them. In this case, I am supposed to shed crocodile tears because the girls in these "exclusive" schools are not given leadership positions.

After all, if these girls don't have "leadership" roles in the "best" schools in the country, they might be forced to give up their Ivy League dreams and go to some shitty state school like the vast majority of the riff-raff who attend college in this country. Those poor girls will be scarred for life because they won't have the access to the connections those Ivies provide and be privileged enough to avoid dealing with their inferiors.

There is certainly something wrong with this picture, and it has nothing to do with girls versus boys and leadership. It's about writing an article focusing on a school catering exclusively to the rich, which doesn't have anything to do with virtually every other student in the United States. Over 90 percent of students go to those despised public schools, not to hoity-toity private schools that aren't any better but are merely the schools the kids of many of the financial and political elite attend. We don't care about their "problems" when there are millions of children and families who are living on the financial edge.

Ask me and virtually everybody else who doesn't live in NYC or D.C. if we care about Phillips Andover or how important it is to attend Ivy League schools. We don't. It's time we focus on the real problems of real people, not whining about the supposed problems of the children of the top one-hundredth of the top one percent of income earners.

The article is truly an insult to students and teachers everywhere in the country.

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