Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It Figures

As a way to help his bankster and billionaire buddies, the so-called "Democrat" plans not only to gut the New Deal programs like Social Security, but he actually plans to sell a key symbol of the era, the Tennessee Valley Authority.

He should be run out of town, period.

In its budget, the White House makes clear that the scrapping of the TVA is only the first in a general selloff of federal assets that “have achieved their original objectives and no longer require federal participation.”

To pursue this goal, the budget proposes an independent commission with the specific task of selling off social programs and infrastructure, which would “create an independent board of experts to identify opportunities to consolidate, reduce, and realign the Federal footprint, as well as expedite the disposal of properties.”

The selloff of government assets such as the TVA parallels events in Greece, where key government infrastructure has been stripped off to pay government bondholders.

The creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was a historical watershed. Referred to as the “great experiment,” the TVA remains one of the largest public works programs ever undertaken by the United States government.

Try to make the argument with a straight face Obama isn't a Manchurian or Trojan horse.

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