Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Day 45

Redirect of the defense's domestic violence expert, Alyce LaViolette, will continue today at 10:30 PDT.

There will be Friday sessions now into May, so we can expect this trial to lumber on for several more weeks.

It was painful listening to cross yesterday, although LaViolette more than held her own against persecutor Juan Martinez's onslaught of misrepresentations and twisting of previous testimony.

Frankly, I would think that would be less of a concern to her than the insanity that is going on outside of the courtroom.

This really isn't a "free speech" issue since these haters are using and abusing private company websites like and Facebook to spew their filth.

LaViolette, who apparently spends little or no time on the internet, could sue the companies for allowing the hateful comments and pages to continue.

I blame much of this insanity on the media, especially CBS for not having critically looked at the Arias case in 2009 or even to have reported on it at all. CBS's reporters and producers had to know Arias was obviously suffering some real mental stress problems (PTSD) at the time and shouldn't have been interviewed at all, and the fact that people like Chris and Sky Hughes, among Travis Alexander's closest friends, were willing to lie about Arias and Alexander's relationship on national television most likely to preserve their own business interests and status among their Mormon friends. HLN was a latecomer to the case, but the network took the Hugheses' narrative and ran with it for ratings. We know now if we watched the trial without any media commentary that what the Hugheses and Travis's acquaintances said about the Arias-Alexander relationship to the media was exactly the opposite of really happened. Unfortunately, you had a C.A. and police take the Hugheses' bullshit at face value, and here we are. Jodi Arias could wind up on death row on the basis of lies told by people willing to throw her under the bus for their own ulterior motives.

It is a truly despicable state of affairs, this mob mentality.

Edit: After watching the questions from the jury part of the trial, there is no doubt in my mind many of them are watching HLN, which presents an absolutely distorted view of the trial and the evidence. This is a major, major no-no in American criminal law, and is certainly grounds for an appeal. I have no doubt that if she is convicted of murder one, despite there being NO evidence AT ALL from the prosecution for premeditation, the conviction and sentence will be overturned. Arizona, I have heard, has a high rate of convictions being overturned.

But if it is, how in the hell can Jodi Arias EVER get a fair trial in Arizona? It's impossible.

The blame falls squarely on Judge Sherry Stephens for NOT sequestering the jury. What in the HELL was she thinking?

Trial can be viewed at the Arizona Republic website, among live streams or can be viewed here on the blog:

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