Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Day 50

Trial will resume at 9:30 this morning PDT. There will be no trial tomorrow or Monday.

Dr. Janeen "Baby Doc" DeMarte will once again have her credentials and her opinions placed under the microscope by defense counsel Jennifer Willmott.

Update: Trial is over for today, and DeMarte is finished, in more ways than one. I don't think the jury even bought her spin.

What was funny was the results of her testing Jodi Arias on the MMPI actually backed the defense's contention Arias suffered from PTSD and was battered. DeMarte tried to spin it, but it really didn't work. After all, psychologists cannot pick and choose which parts of an assessment to use; the test would not be valid.

DeMarte was trying to push the prosecution narrative, and she totally failed.

HLN is probably calling her for a gig since her psychology career is on the ropes.

Trial can be viewed at the Arizona Republic website, among live streams or can be viewed here on the blog:

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