Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Day 51

The prosecution will continue with its rebuttal at around 9:30 PDT.

Edit: 4:05 p.m.: Trial will resume tomorrow at 1:30. Since defendant Jodi Arias and her counsel Jennifer Willmott looked happy, I wonder if they got the surrebuttal witness or witnesses approved.

Today was a weird day, with various witnesses including people from Tesoro and Wal-Mart talking about purchases and return policies and the like. The prosecution is using smoke and mirrors trying to make it look like the gas cans are a big deal, but they are only a big deal if you are driving in some of the most remote country in the lower 48 states. Those gas cans aren't proof of anything.

One of Travis's ex-girlfriends, Deanna Reid, also testified for the prosecution, but she came off as a rather sad figure. She loved Travis, but Travis really wasn't much "into her" at all and strung her along for years on end with no intention of marrying her. She admitted on the stand that she and Travis had sex, which wasn't very good for her since I believe she is still LDS and single. I feel for somebody having to get up there on the stand and admit not only in open court but to MILLIONS of people around the world on live television you were having sex with somebody in violation of LDS standards.

The defense treated her far better than persecutor Juan Martinez did.

Trial can be viewed at the Arizona Republic website, among live streams or can be viewed here on the blog:

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