Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Day 52

More prosecution rebuttal witnesses today. Trial is scheduled to start at around 1:30 PDT.

There may be hearings earlier in the day, but I won't be around to watch them if they occur.

Edit 4:00 PDT: Trial is over for the day and will resume tomorrow.

Detective Esteban Flores was once again on the stand, and the judge did allow for the defense to put on its rebuttal witness, Dr, Robert Geffner.

Supposedly the trial itself will be over with by the end of next week and go to the jury.

Still, insane people claiming they support Travis Alexander, though they really don't, are making death threats against people connected with the defense.

Trial can be viewed at the Arizona Republic website, among live streams or can be viewed here on the blog:

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