Saturday, April 13, 2013

Obama Channels Ronald Reagan

or Margaret Thatcher or whichever right-wing ideologue he happens to admire for the moment now that he's decided he can't be bothered with Democratic Party ideals.

This narcissist must get up every morning, walk to a mirror, kiss his reflection, and marvel about what a great, "transformative" leader he is like his idol Ronald Reagan. Then he probably picks up the phone, calls his favorite historian, and asks if he measures up to the great presidents of the past instead of actually being at the bottom of the barrel.

I'll post and repost that infamous Reno Gazette-Journal interview clip until I am blue in the face:

His cultists will "ooh" and "ahh" over how utterly brilliant he is simply because HE thinks he's brilliant, but all he is doing in this clip is regurgitating the same bullshit he read in textbooks when he was a student at Accidental College (pun intended for Occidental) or Columbia. A deep thinker he ain't.

If billionaire/bankster puppet Obama doesn't destroy the country by 2016, rest assured these same billionaires/banksters have a Cory Booker, Andrew Cuomo, or even a Latino puppet right there in the wings to finish the job of screwing us over by promoting them as "Democratic" candidates. We know they already own the GOP.

Unless, of course, people wake up and see how both political parties have been contaminated and put a stop to it.

PS: For any fool who comes on my board and tries to deny in the comments that Obama isn't a flaming narcissist or isn't a particularly deep thinker, a reminder:

The president was coolly eyeing American history in order to carve his own grand place in it, the guests said in interviews later. “It was almost as if he was writing his own history book about himself,” said David M. Kennedy, a professor at Stanford University. Becoming the 44th president of the United States, or even the first African-American to hold the post, had never been enough for Barack Obama. Just two years after arriving in the Senate, he spoke unabashedly of becoming one of the greatest presidents, a transformative figure like Abraham Lincoln or Franklin D. Roosevelt who would heal the country’s divisions, address its most critical problems and turn Americans in a hopeful new direction.

On Tuesday, Mr. Obama successfully wrote his next chapter, joining the club of presidents who have secured second terms. Yet the man who once envisioned himself in the pantheon of transcendent presidents enters his next term as a far more conventional, partisan leader than he intended to be. He defeated a mistake-prone challenger of unsteady popularity within his own party in an election in which he never quite explained how he would deliver on his unmet promises.

The man is a tool. Always was and always will be. I will say the reporter who wrote the above article doesn't understand that "partisan" doesn't mean Obama is for traditional Democratic Party values. He is a partisan only for the billionaires and Wall Street crowd who back him.

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