Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Mask is Completely Off

The African American community was the strongest constituency of voters for Obama, but to date he hasn't done one goddamned thing for them.

One of the points of his presidency was to neutralize all opposition to his ruinous economic and education policies from that community while those policies decimated it.

It was pure genius to put forward this guy and have people fall over themselves over his "historic" candidacy while at the same time not look too closely at what this jerk was proposing.

What a total fraud:

The Obama Hangover has begun. The drunken delirium that descended on Black America after the pale Democratic caucuses of Iowa endorsed a brown-skinned corporatist just after New Years Day, 2008 – conveying white “viability” on a Great Black Hope – is definitively over. It’s the morning-after in Black America, a scene of economic and political ruin bathed in the searing daylight of Obama’s second term and umpteenth betrayal.

It would be easy to say that the Great Nausea of 2013 was occasioned by Obama’s blunt object assault on Social Security and the whole array of entitlements. However, the First Black President’s obituary is not written in his budget. The onset of post-Obamaism has more to do with the calendar than anything else. Since Election Day, November 6, Black folks have been forced to come to grips with the finality of Obama’s second term – the impending emergence from the dream. There is the sound of a finger snapping. “In a few moments, you will wake up.”

I'll bet this constituency won't be fooled again.

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