Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dance of the Lemons

Of course I am referring to my old and not beloved Washoe County School District. For next year, some 21 principal jobs will be filled in the district in an attempt to improve test scores or cover senior administrators' asses for having promoted a group of dolts who later got into trouble:

In May, the district announced it was taking six principals from schools that were performing well and moving them to schools that received low marks on English, math and science tests. Most of the moves were to district elementary schools that received 1- and 2-star rankings under an evaluation system released in January.

Superintendent Pedro Martinez said that, in some cases, principals being removed from certain schools were “just not the right fit” and they had the option to apply for other jobs in the district.

At least two principals moved from underperforming schools have taken new principal jobs at other low-performing schools.

Two principals moved from underperforming schools have been given newly created jobs that don’t involve specific schools. Wanda Shakeenab, the principal at Sparks High School, was named the principal of career and technical education. Melissa Olsen, principal at Mathews Elementary, has been named a principal of student learning objectives.

Translated, these principals are being given make-work jobs in the central office. They never are let go--ever--if they screw up.

They ought to be fired, but they, like my last two principals at WCSD, are protected to the hilt and are given one desk job after another, such as the incompetent asshole who was given a "TIF Grant coordinator" job as a reward for being a complete failure as principal.

And note in the article there will be an increase in the area of "area superintendents." These are the people who "supervise" the principals.

There were four of them, but now there will be seven.

From this little blurb it appears there will be a neverending supply of principals to screw up things.

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