Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Ethics charges against two administrators of a southern Oregon charter school were dismissed by the state licensing board.

It's no surprise since the complaints originated with parents and the principal is resigning at the end of the 2013-2014 school year.

More details continue to emerge from that outrageous Cleveland kidnapping and rape case.

I guess one shouldn't be shocked about anything anymore, especially after cases like Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Dugard, and Elisabeth Fritzl, but here we have three brothers who were allegedly involved in this:

Elsie Cintron, who lives three houses away from Castro, said her daughter saw a naked woman crawling on her hands and knees in Castro's backyard several years ago. Cintron said she called police, "but they didn't take it seriously," Cintron said.

Another neighbor, Israel Lugo, said that in November 2011, his sister, Annita, heard pounding on an upper-floor window at Castro's house. When Annita Lugo looked up, she saw a woman and a baby at a window half-blocked by a wooden plank. Lugo called police. He said officers knocked on the front door, but no one answered.

"They walked to the side of the house and then left," Lugo said.

Lugo said that about a year later, his mother, Elsie Cintron, called police because Castro would park his school bus in front of their home and bring bags full of McDonald's fast food to his home. They wondered why he needed so much food, Lugo said. Police again responded but didn't enter the home.

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