Thursday, May 30, 2013

How Are People Going to be Able to Defend Public Education?

Especially given the onslaught of the movement to privatize it as a matter of political ideology, facts and how horrible it is be damned?

Barack Obama is directly responsible for this. Nobody else:

This points to a basic fact about contemporary society: working people, students and educators are opposed to the drive to dismantle public education. Struggles by educators to defend their jobs and wages receive, despite the best efforts of the media and unions to isolate them, overwhelming public support.

However, the attempt to defend education through the unions and the Democratic Party is impossible. The claims by the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association that a Democratic president would reverse the reactionary attacks of George Bush have been left in tatters, as Obama has gone even further than his Republican predecessor in attacking teachers and public education.

The destruction of public education is a bipartisan policy. Its source is the immense growth of social inequality and the rise of a corporate and financial elite that controls every lever of government. Drunk in their pursuit of ever-greater personal wealth, the ruling class is instinctively hostile to the egalitarian and democratic principles embodied in public education. Having concluded that they require a relatively small number of skilled and educated workers, they see public education largely as a waste of money and its looting as another source of profit.

That is what the World Bank believes about public education, that it is a waste of money because there aren't enough skilled jobs worldwide for all of the people available, but the purpose of public education is NOT job training. It is to create an informed citzenry for any society to be able to function.

The neoliberals are total scum.

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