Saturday, May 04, 2013

It's About the Corruption

The Arias case is no longer about the defendant; it is about corruption by officials of Maricopa County. There should be a quick verdict on Monday, and it should be for "not guilty" on ALL charges. If the jury comes up with anything other than acquittal, it has been tainted.

I can’t even fathom the jury would vote to convict on Murder One especially. That would prove the jury had been corrupted by tabloid media when there is no case to convict Arias of anything.

The fact the entire prosecution’s case was compromised before the trial should cause the jury to completely and totally throw out the case.

There is nothing to show anything other than self-defense. Nothing. The ME was either incompetent or a perjurer (most likely the latter), but if HE is suspect, you can’t as a juror arrive at any decision to convict. The autopsy photos mean NOTHING unless you have a report that is reliable enough to interpret those photos. The ME’s report and testimony are central to the state’s case, and if he can’t be believed, a juror HAS to throw out the case. Same for the detective’s report(s) and testimony.

However, the worst thing about this case is the fact the prosecutor felt he had to undermine the justice system by having his chief detective and especially his medical examiner lie for him. I know this sometimes happens in murder trials, but this isn’t just ANY murder trial. This case has gotten national and international attention from almost the beginning. The LAST thing Martinez should have done was tamper with witnesses. He didn’t do the Alexander family any favors by pulling stunts like this. He knows he should have negotiated a plea from Day One, and it would have been over with.

As far as I am concerned, Martinez, Flores, and Horn should all be doing jail time.

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