Thursday, May 02, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial Day 55: Closing Arguments

Today prosecutor Juan Martinez is scheduled to give his closing arguments and try to distract the jury from the fact his two main witnesses committed perjury. The trial is supposed to start around 9:15 this morning.

I am sure he will say something to the effect since Jodi Arias lied to perjuring detective Esteban Flores because of ignorance of her Miranda rights, she lied about everything despite no evidence she perjured herself on the stand.

There will be lots of autopsy pictures shown by Martinez, especially the slit throat picture of victim Travis Alexander, to keep the jury awake and further upset defendant Arias and the family of Travis Alexander, and there will be lots and lots of speculation disguised as "proof" Jodi Arias premeditated the killing of Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008, after 13 hours of sleep and marathon sex.

There will be that Inside Edition clip of Jodi Arias, clearly still suffering from trauma and not "all there," telling the interviewer no jury will ever convict her.

Given the fact the medical examiner completely and totally fucked up with his testimony yesterday, there should be an acquittal on that alone.

Edit: This has got to be the worst attorney performance EVER. Martinez has toned down his voice, but he is lying all about the evidence, and his use of metaphors is atrocious. "A wildebeest migration of blood," Travis's "end of the rainbow," Jodi's "San Franciscan fog," are just a few of his utterly idiotic remarks.

Of course he is punctuating his remarks with lots of crime scene and autopsy photos.

But it's all speculation on his part, with nothing to back it up. Certainly it isn't grounds for murder one.

Edit 2: Martinez is finished with his closing remarks until rebuttal. That was painful, believe me.

Trial will resume at 9:00 PDT tomorrow. The defense will give their closing, and presumably Martinez will finish up with rebuttal.


The redirect of Dr. Robert Geffner re the dura mater is at about the 1:00:00 mark. The discussion of Horn's report is interesting, to say the least:

All of this doesn't mean there WILL be an acquittal, and the makeup of that jury, whether there are a bunch of Mormons there, is a concern.


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