Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Day 54

It appears this is will be a hodgepodge day, with at least Dr. Robert Geffner testifying as a surrebuttal witness for the defense.

I have no idea who else is on the menu.

We are supposed to be near the end of the trial phase. If by some chance Jodi Arias gets murder one, then I think there is a penalty phase that will help HLN's ratings for at least another month before it can obsess with the George Zimmerman case full time.

Trial resumes at 9:00 PDT.

Unfortunately, Dr. Geffner's testimony is fouled up because the feed is totally screwed up. He totally demolished the prosecution's quack shrink, Janeen DeMarte, not to mention pointed out the completely unethical act of disclosing the raw data to prosecutor Juan Martinez and why that was unethical.

A much better feed is here. There have been no problems with it stalling and repeating.

This is the embed in case you couldn't view the trial on my site without cussing:

Geffner used DeMarte's test results to show Jodi was more likely to have an anxiety disorder like PTSD than borderline personality disorder. Geffner, as you may recall, is one of the top experts in the United States not just in psychology but also in the area of domestic violence. Update: This afternoon he has put on his hat as a neuropsychologist to talk about the brain and rebut Dr. Kevin Horn's perjured testimony.

And yes, dear trolls, he made mincemeat out of that quack DeMarte. She might be okay as a disability psychologist, but she was one pathetic excuse for an "expert."

Update: The trial is STILL going on at nearly 8 p.m. PDT. Dr. Jill Hayes, I think her name is, is a witness for the prosecution, but she isn't really helping much.

More important was the epic fall and failure of medical examiner Dr. Kevin Horn when he tried to claim his original report had "typos" regarding Travis's brain from the gunshot. He was trying to cover his ass when he clearly committed perjury in his first rebuttal testimony.

There should be a mistrial on that alone, but in absence of one, Jodi Arias should be acquitted just on that screw-up. Not saying she will thanks to 24/7 propaganda and the insane behavior of those who claim to support the victim and his family, but she should be.

I mean, there is no more important witness for the prosecution in this case, not even Detective Esteban Flores, who also committed perjury himself, yet Horn fucked up so badly.

8:35 p.m.: The testimony is all finished. The trial will resume at 9:15 tomorrow or thereabouts, and presumably we will have closing arguments.

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