Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Hung Jury

Update 4:25 PDT: It was a hung jury today. The jury decided it was going to wash its hands of the whole farce after they damned well realized they totally fucked up with the verdict. It should have been either manslaughter or acquittal instead of this Murder One bullshit.

Now they can't bring themselves to execute her. Not even the Chris Hughes-Mormon-HLN mob could force them to do it.

Now yet another jury panel with have to be put together IF they can ever find anybody in Arizona who hasn't heard of this trial.

It should be pleaded down to manslaughter and she be released with time served, since this was obviously a self-defense case.

They probably can't do that, but this is such a slam dunk for the defense to overturn on appeal, it would be the smart thing for the state to do.

On the same subject of Jodi Arias, a podcast featuring Arias acquaintance Gus Searcy is available. He notes other Mormon women had sex with Travis Alexander or knew he was mistreating Jodi Arias but they were too scared to come forward. It seems the pressure put on some Mormons by others is too hard to overcome.

The Farce in Phoenix will continue today at around 10:30 PDT with jury deliberations. They probably have all decided on death for Jodi Arias so that it will be thrown out on appeal in a case that should have resulted in acquittal for the defendant, but who knows? Maybe one or two of them is willing to stand up for what is right. I doubt it.

Saw this post that sums up not only Travis Alexander's own conflicted feelings, but actually the mentality of the Mormon-influenced lynch mob which sees Jodi Arias as a "whore," which was the furthest thing she was.

With the "friends" of Travis, it's all about the coverup. Mormons are notorious for groupthink and will lie and ruin others to preserve the reputation of one of "their own," even a Jack Mormon like Travis was.

Video in case the jury makes a decision or in case there is a hung jury which then means another jury is impaneled: