Monday, May 20, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Mitigation Phase

I apologize to readers when I mislabeled Thursday's impact statements by Travis Alexander's siblings Steven and Samantha as part of the mitigation phase because I titled that post as such.

I corrected it.

I haven't posted much at all the past two weeks because I have actually been working at a short-term assignment.

Today should be the mitigation phase of the trial, and then the jury will recommend her fate (probably death, which would be the best outcome for the appeals process since the verdict will almost certainly be overturned). I don't know if anybody is actually going to speak for Jodi Arias. I certainly hope she won't talk to the jury because that jury has its mind made up, and there is no point at all in doing it. It just further gives the likes of HLN and the Chris and Sky Hughes-influenced social media lynch mob more reason to spew more vitriol directed at her.

This is utterly unique, this hatred for a murder defendant, in the history of American justice. Not even O.J. Simpson had an organized lynch mob out to ruin him and affect public opinion. That is because Jodi Arias was unlucky enough to get herself involved in a quasi-religious denomination which many people regard as a cult, Mormonism, and the tendency of many of its members to cover up the sins of one of their own in order to save face. Beginning in 2009 with 48 Hours with its report that was utterly slanted and full of lies about the relationship between Jodi Aria and Travis Alexander by Travis's alleged friends like the Hugheses, Jodi Arias never had a chance, at least not in the short-term. Then CBS compounded it by committing journalistic malpractice by interviewing her when she had no attorney present and it was obvious she was suffering from trauma. I noticed it YEARS ago; it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see she had PTSD. CBS had NO right to do the interview knowing full well her statements would be used in court.

Yet the despicable Maureen Maher and her producers are actually proud of their "work" on behalf of a segment of the LDS, while ignoring that 800-pound gorilla in the cutting room floor. They had yet another slanted "report" the other night on the "lies" of Jodi Arias rather than on the LIES they spewed on behalf of Travis Alexander's Mormon friends and business associates. They did not act like journalists but like a p.r. firm and should have been FIRED for their malpractice. They allowed themselves to be completely manipulated by a lying, devious group of "friends" who have proven to be even worse now that many of them are literally cashing in on Travis Alexander's death.

Update: This circus has been delayed until tomorrow at around 9:30 PDT, but the defense today gave its best shot at trying to get this incompetent judge to declare a mistrial thanks to the lynch mob activity surrounding the case and witness intimidation.

Jodi Arias's ex-boyfriend, Darryl Brewer talked briefly about her in these series of clips. Tragically she changed when she got involved in something that was little more than a cult, and it destroyed her life. Part one of several: