Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Mitigation Phase

Today at around 9:30 PDT or whenever they get around to it, the Farce in Phoenix is supposed to resume with the mitigation phase.

I have no idea whether Jodi Arias will give a statement or just say, in effect, fuck it, because that simply stirs up more of the mob mentality.

She really made the mistake of her life ever getting involved with a cult.

As we know, a couple of people who were supposed to give statements in support of Jodi not getting death were themselves being threatened by the so-called Travis brigade in complete violation of the law. Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi tried to get a mistrial on this basis, and of course the judge denied it.

The judge, Sherry K. Stephens, is trying to pass the buck. She got way in over her head with this trial.

Since I am gone again for almost the entire day, I will miss the deal.

Update: Jodi Arias gave her statement "pleading" for her life today:

The judge actually lifted a ban on her giving interviews, but her mouth has always been her biggest problem.

The "verdict" of life or death has now gone to the jury. I expect her to receive the death penalty, and that would be her best chance to have the ridiculous murder one overturned on appeal.

Here is her interview in a series of clips.