Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Verdict

Verdict is to be announced at 1:30 PDT.

Clearly there is no a hung jury here.

If it is M1 or M2, but especially M1, we know the jury has been tainted thanks to not being sequestered.

I suspect the verdict is either for manslaughter or for acquittal, which is the only correct verdict, but given the media frenzy, death threats, and the like, it may not happen. It would take a lot of moral courage to acquit, but I doubt the jury is that courageous.

I could be wrong.

The bottom line is this: Anything short of Murder One is a huge victory for the defense and a crushing defeat to the prosecution.

Update: Well, it is time for appeals, and I hope top notch attorneys in the United States take this case to have it thrown out by the higher courts.

The state did NOT prove its case. It doesn't matter what a jury personally believes--the state did NOT prove it AT ALL plus witnesses were tainted. Not sequestering the jury was a bad idea.

Either that jury was made up of a bunch of Mormon morons or else they were afraid of what would happen if they had any other verdict besides M1. I vote for the latter although I was always skeptical of the jury makeup.

I suppose she will get death, which will please the greedheaded Alexander family, which is saying through their lawyer they will file a wrongful death suit although I have heard the statute of limitations has passed on that.

What a bunch of stupid, crooked idiots in this case, but even so, it's obvious the verdict and any sentence will be overturned on appeal.

I just wonder how long it will take.