Monday, May 20, 2013

Outrages All Over the Country

In some miscellaneous news:

Some 50 Michigan school districts are now on the brink of insolvency in a deliberate attempt to destroy public education in that state.

Buffalo's school superintendent is waging open warfare on public schools there.

The right-wing forces that garnered seats in Buffalo and hundreds of other districts are not a reflection of popular support for their policies, which are deeply opposed by the majority of residents. It is an expression of the lack of any progressive alternative in these elections. The teachers unions offer no genuine opposition to privatization, and instead promote the Democratic Party because it generally uses the services of the unions to impose “school reform.”

The Obama administration is carrying out an all-out assault on public education in cities and states across the country, through reactionary programs such as Race to the Top, which force districts to compete for desperately needed funds through the implementation of punitive testing regimes and attacks on teachers.


Barack Obama has been a disaster for American democracy thanks to his being a tool for the economic elites:

The chief base of support for the abrogation of democratic rights and the lurch towards a police state lies in the financial aristocracy, i.e., the tiny layer of multimillionaires and billionaires who have made spectacular fortunes by means of speculation, theft, criminality and corruption. This layer has grown even richer since the eruption of the global economic crisis in 2008, subsidized to the tune of trillions of dollars by the state, while the working class has been devastated by mass unemployment and austerity policies.

Democratic rights and historic reforms mean nothing to these kleptomaniacs, who view the broad mass of the population with extreme fear and hostility. Jealous of its ill-gotten gains, this layer supports police-state measures to violently suppress social opposition.

Behind Obama, and next to the financial aristocracy, stands a privileged middle class layer—approximately the top 90th to 99th percentile. Some within this layer maintain minor differences with the financial aristocrats on lifestyle, race, culture and identity issues. However, they depend on the existing setup for their privileged status, income and respectable positions in corporate management, university departments, law firms, the entertainment industry, the trade unions, NGOs, the media and so forth. On board for imperialist war and the defense of the capitalist system in general, this layer is prepared to go along with a police state if the alternative is a revolutionary overthrow of the system by the working class.

In other words, our country is being run by gangsters.

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