Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Teacher Mistreatment as "Reform"

Thanks to a YouTube that has been spread all over the place, more and more people are becoming aware of teachers being kicked to the curb or forced out one way or the other as part of "reform."

It's no longer about the kids; it's all about the almighty dollar:

After being publicly humiliated, she felt like she had no choice but to resign in protest. “This inhumane, insensitive transfer is an attempt to silence my voice, but I cannot and will not remain mute where my students and fellow colleagues are concerned.”

She added that her involuntary transfer was part of the continuous attacks on her fellow teachers. “This year alone I have been a helpless witness as half a dozen dedicated, hardworking teachers were reduced to tears, shame, and desperation after they were handed concern forms filled with false accusations,” which formed the grounds for not renewing their contracts.

Later in the video, she denounced the stripping of funding for public education and the dismantling of high-quality curriculum. “Many exciting learning opportunities have been cut by our district, field trips, guest speakers, exciting events, in-class simulations are no longer allowed,” Rubenstein said.

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