Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Those Emails

Those friends of Travis Alexander spin like tops but those emails don't lie:

Sky Hughes was shown parts of her e-mails. She smiled, read them through, and said only that she had written them, “And Travis still loved us.”

The e-mails talk about the love that Arias and Alexander felt for each other, at least in January 2007. Sky Hughes told Alexander in one e-mail that Arias would make a good wife.

“Know that I would love to see you marry Jodi, but just because you have never seen her cry, doesn’t mean she hasn’t been crying,” she wrote. “SHE LOVES YOU, so much that she is afraid that bringing up anything that is bothering her or letting you know she doesn’t think you are ‘perfect’ would ruin all chances to be with you.”

Alexander, 30, was found dead in the bathroom of his Mesa home in June 2008. He had been shot, stabbed and his throat was slit. Arias claims she killed Alexander in self-defense. Martinez is pursuing a verdict of first-degree murder against her.

In January 2007, the couple took Arias aside and told her that she should stop seeing Alexander for her own good. The e-mails indicate that Alexander learned from Arias that the couple had counseled her to move on. He fired off to an e-mail to Sky Hughes headed “You’ve crossed the line.”

I hope the newspaper will put up the actual emails for everybody to read.

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