Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Washoe County School District Gossip

For those who are interested, a new "needs list" came out today for useless principals who need to find work:


No doubt the ones who were removed from their current posts in a turnaround model, if they were not reassigned to one of the now-filled jobs posted last week, will be put in either the new principal openings or else one of those make-work district office jobs listed with the principal openings.

Here is the new list:

Redfield Community Outreach Facilitator IV - One Year Only (2 openings)
Principal - Washoe Online Learning for the Future (WOLF)
Principal on Special Assignment - Peer Assistance & Review (PAR)
Principal on Special Assignment - Career &Technical Education (CTE) Limitd. Term
Principal on Special Assignment - Student Learning Objective Limited Term
Lemmon Valley Elementary School Principal
Kate Smith Elementary School Principal
Cannan Elementary School Principal
Sparks Middle School Principal
STEM Training Coordinator (TIF 4) Multi-year
Incline K-12 Principal

Note the opening for Lemmon Valley principal. Apparently the incumbent, the one who was put on administrative leave, will NOT be returning. Either she was fired (not likely), was demoted, resigned, or, most likely will be moved into the central office in one of those above make-work jobs and never be heard from again.

You don't see teachers be given second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh chances to keep their jobs.

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