Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WCSD Gossip

For fun, Transparent Nevada has the list of salaries and benefits for 2012 for public employees throughout Nevada including my old employer Washoe County School District.

The salary and benefits listings for school districts are for calendar years, not school years.

I took a look at some of my least favorite administrators there to see how they fared in their salaries. ANY pay is way too much for these idiots.

I won't give their names out, but it was interesting.

My next-to-last principal, the one who got demoted for sexual misconduct, went from $113,998.48 in 2009 to $73,082.41 last year, a $40,000 pay cut in four years not to mention being knocked down several rungs on the career ladder.

The last idiot principal I had at WCSD had her pay docked from $101,843.10 in 2010 to $98,062.10 last year, but that includes pay from her stint as a principal. She is no longer an administrator with the school district as of August 2012 but is a TIF grant "coordinator" and working for human resources. I expect her salary will be lower next year.

She basically got demoted though not as drastically as the other principal.

And finally I want to note that jerkwad who put her up to firing me, the former human resources chief officer, saw his pay go down from a high of $126,099.52 in 2010 to $95,819.10 last year, a cut of over $30,000. He was demoted by former superintendent Heath Morrison to "housekeeping supervisor," or janitorial supervisor. Not that there is anything wrong with being a custodian, but it was certainly a humiliation for somebody who spent his entire career at WCSD in human resources.

Of course all three of these assholes should have been fired instead of being allowed to remain with the district.

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