Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Ghost of the Past Returns

I am reading an eBook about disgraced cyclist and champion cheat Lance Armstrong written by David Walsh. Actually, the book is a reprint of a number of articles Walsh wrote about Armstrong beginning when rumors started swirling that his wins in the Tour de France were as a result of doping. It's a good roundup of articles, but I noted to my brother tonight that we really haven't heard anything from or about Lance since the Oprah interview a few months ago.

Well, I spoke too damned soon. You can take Lance Armstrong out of the Tour de France but you can't take the Tour de France out of Lance Armstrong. He has decided to attend the event despite being unwanted and uninvited.

Lance Armstrong made himself the uninvited guest at the Tour de France on Friday, coming back to haunt the 100th edition of the race and infuriating riders both past and present by talking at length in a newspaper interview about doping in the sport.

Armstrong told Le Monde that he still considers himself the record-holder for Tour victories, even though all seven of his titles from 1999-2005 were stripped from him last year for doping.

He said his life has been ruined by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency investigation that exposed as lies his years of denials that he and his teammates doped. He also took another swipe at cycling’s top administrators, darkly suggesting they could be brought down by other skeletons in the sport’s closet.

Something the hell is wrong with this guy. The only person who ruined his life is him.

A few of the comments were pretty good:

Uninvited, unwanted guest. Just like in Austin. Go away Cheater.

Ya can take the boy out of the trailer park but the trailer park will remain in the boy...

The truth and the fact is Lance Armstrong isn't "news" any more unless he gets cell-photo'd dumpster diving or the like. But I can see why he'd show up at the opening festivities of the TDF. He enabled a lot of people to make a lot of $$$ off bicycle racing. Getting caught cheating has cost and continues to cost Armstrong a lot of $$$, but most of those who profited haven't paid back and never will, even those who were complicit with the dopers. This is just his mob-bully-mentality way of reminding them, "I know who you are and I saw what you did."

Lance Dopestrong never failed a drug test and he cured cancer.

only reason he'd be going to a Tour De France would be as a drug supplier....

If this was the last article about Lance Armstrong, it didn't come soon enough.

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