Saturday, June 08, 2013

Another Teacher Bites the Dust

Count this guy yet another statistic in another destroyed career.

This comment following the blog post sums up what teachers go through:

When I first started teaching over 30 years ago, a veteran teacher told me there is no job security in this business because if they really want to get rid of you, they can and will do so by accusing you of violating board policy. Most of us violate one board policy or another without even realizing it. Late to school? That's a violation of board policy. Forget to clip on that ID badge? You're violating board policy.

So it doesn't really matter what you did or did not do and it doesn't really matter what they are accusing you of doing or whether they are telling the truth or not. They wanted you gone. I would be willing to bet they made their minds up a long time ago that you needed to go and they just waited for that inevitable violation of board policy.

This teacher can appeal the bogus decision in circuit court. Of course he could simply file a civil suit:

A termination hearing for Turner was conducted on May 23, with district administrators accusing him of engaging in immoral conduct. The board’s decision stated that it found no evidence that rose to the level of immoral conduct, “but this conclusion in no way minimizes the findings of policy violations.’’

In a footnote to the board’s decision about immoral conduct, the board said Turner was not charged with immoral conduct for engaging in inappropriate relations with a student. The charges against Turner specifically indicate that he was charged with immoral conduct because he had provided and promoted obscene material containing graphic depiction of sexuality to children in a book he authored called “No Child Left Alive.’’ Turner described the book as a satire on the state of public education in the United States.

The footnote states: “Although the administration testified that the circumstances surrounding the situation caused them to have a heightened level of concern during their investigation, the administration indicated that they found no evidence that Turner had engaged in inappropriate relations with a student. The resulting connection by innuendo was made by Turner’s counsel, not by the administration.’’

It was a bunch of bullshit, period. Administrative hearings almost always are.

The teacher acknowledges just that in this post.

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