Thursday, June 06, 2013

Arias Trial Transcripts Revealed

Some transcripts previously sealed of the juror questions in deliberations and sidebars have been released in the Jodi Arias trial farce in Phoenix:

There were frequent arguments over what could and could not be admitted as evidence: Martinez’ concerns over playing an explicit audio recording of a phone call between Arias and Alexander, and discussion over whether it should come into the trial during Arias’ testimony. On another day, Martinez insisted that a photo of a sexy woman wearing a French maid’s costume be cut out of a document allegedly sent to Arias by Alexander as a suggestion of what she should wear when she cleaned his house.

Later that same day, as the lawyers discussed how to introduce the defense’s theory that Alexander was possibly a pedophile, Martinez went on a discourse about a series of 10 letters on the topic that Arias claimed were written by Alexander and which Martinez avowed were forgeries — only to discover that Nurmi was not talking about them at all.

On Feb. 20, Nurmi raised his concern that members of Alexander’s family were rolling their eyes and shaking their heads at testimony. (An e-mail to Stephens a few days later claimed that one of the jurors was trying to coach Arias with head gestures as she was in the witness box.)